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Regenerative Management

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August 2016

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August 2018

What is regenerative management?

Regenerative management is the reason we are able to produce the most nutrient-dense, cleanest, purest, healthiest, top-shelf meats and fats. It is what sets us apart from most farms, and that is how we manage our animals. 

We perform intensive grass management with our herbivores to build and improve the soil ecosystem. We honor and respect the entire circle of life which starts beneath your feet in the soil. A double handful of healthy soil has more living beings in it than people on the planet. These living beings are not visible with the naked eye so soil gets treated as an inanimate object that is simply there to hold up plants. But you can’t have healthy plants without healthy soil that is full of organic materials and living beings, and you can’t have healthy soil without healthy animals, and you can’t have healthy animals without healthy plants. 

This is the circle of life that is commonly interfered with and overly disrupted by human hubris. Sadly, concentrated animal feeding operations dominate the meat market. In nature, terrestrial animals aren’t stationary with their food brought to them. Their food isn’t produced via tilling, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides and they do not eat grain. They don’t need vaccines or any sort of pharmaceutical drugs, and their manure does not end up in slurry lagoons that vaporize nitrogen into the air, but instead their manure feeds the ground they move upon.

The deepest soils on planet earth were built under the hooves of billions of herbivores that, for millennia, were constantly on the move in large mobs that mowed the greens in their path. This mobbing, moving, and mowing reset the grass growing cycle which uses carbon dioxide from the air, sunlight, and water to produce green growth above ground and carbon-based root growth in the soil. When the animals shear the grass above ground, the roots die off similarly and become food for the organisms in the soil. The more grasses grow, get sheared, and grow again over the course of a growing season, the more carbon-based organic material ends up below the ground.

By managing our herd properly with daily moves, we imitate the mob, move, and mow lifestyle of wild herbivores to keep our pastures in growth throughout the growing season thereby maximizing the amount of carbon-based material moved into the soil in a soil-building process that is the foundation of regenerative agriculture. This process has significantly improved our pasture health by increasing organic material in the soil, water retention, and perennial diversity. 

Our goal is not just to provide the community with the healthiest and most nutrient-dense meats possible, but to do so by improving the land around us. By implementing regenerative management, we incorporate humans into nature’s circle of life for the benefit of all.

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"I have been buying for years now. Each year the quality is impeccable. I appreciate the amount of dedication that is put into raising these cows. BVF offers a superior product and superior experience when buying beef, lamb, chicken, and pig. I feel so fortunate to have them so close to where I live."

— A dedicated customer in Oak Harbor


"We believe and share your views and choices, and we support you to the best of our ability. When we arrive to pick up eggs and meat, we drive very slowly out because at BVF, we too are regenerated and never want to leave the deep grounding, the fresh air, and the beauty of a life filled with l-i-v-i-n-g."

— An affectionate customer in Langley

How to Order

For questions, to order, or set up a tour please email or call Cory at 360-672-4645

1570 Wieldraayer Road

Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Tel: 360-672-4645

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