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Our Animals

Meet our animals and learn more about them below. Each animal plays a special role in the ecosystem of our farm.

Learn more about our regenerative management methods here.

During and after the growing season, our cows move every day to a fresh section of pasture called a paddock. Keeping them on fresh ground and fresh greens daily provides them with the cleanest and highest nutrition possible. These daily moves keep them happy and healthy which is why they don’t need to use any drugs! Their fresh-daily, high-quality greens are also why we get supreme beef (and fat) on the table.


We raise Cornish cross chickens for meat during the warmer months of the growing season. They spend about 3 weeks in the brooder on deep bedding and then are moved to pasture where they are moved daily until they are harvested at about 8 weeks old. They get plenty of excellent forage in the field and we bring them organic grain as well. Averaging 4-6 pounds on the table, they are juicy and flavorful—definitely as good as chicken can get!


Pigs like a diverse diet and they like to move around to seek out what they are in the mood for at any given time. They’ll eat worms, grubs, termites, frogs, beetles, snails, all kinds of insects and bugs, roots, greens, berries and anything else out there! We bring them organic grain and keep them moving to fresh ground every week or two. They are happy pigs and it shows in the meat and fat quality.


Our sheep move similar in principle to the beef but their preferred diet is a little different than that of a cow; sheep like shorter greens or just the tops of taller greens, but they are always on fresh ground getting fresh greens. When the lambs are big enough we can let the sheep flock free range with the cow herd’s daily moves. When we have younger lambs they are moved every 12-36 hours with electro-nets. We raise Katahdins, which are known for a milder flavor that is fabulous on the table as well.

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We raise turkeys seasonally and harvest them fresh for Thanksgiving. Turkeys can be difficult to raise when they are poults, but once they are big enough to hit the pasture it is enjoyable to watch them flapping and flying around their paddocks. They are great foragers for greens, worms, and bugs during their daily to moves, and we bring them organic grains. They stay incredibly juicy when cooked, are full of flavor, and are delightful for family at Thanksgiving.


In the imitation of nature where birds follow herbivores, we follow the herd with our flock of egg layers. The egg mobile gets moved daily behind the cows and the girls spread out the cow pies in search of fly larvae, other insects, and worms. This sanitizes the pasture by evenly spreading out manure and keeping the pesky fly population down in the heat of the summer. The girls also eat plenty of greens and we bring them organic grain. Their chicken manure feeds the pasture and the chicken eggs they so generously provide us are superior.

Please email or call Cory at 360-672-4645.


We also enjoy showing people the land and animals, so please ask about scheduling a tour!

1570 Wieldraayer Road

Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Tel: 123-456-7890

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