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Once they come out of the brooder our turkeys go straight to the pasture. They have a big rolling shelter and are kept safe from predators with electronets and solar-charged predator eyes (young turkey heads seem to be an owl delicacy). We move them daily to new paddocks to keep them on top of fresh greens and out of their own excrement.

Turkeys love to forage. They don’t like just grain; turkeys also want a steady supply of fresh greens, worms and bugs. And they eat a lot of rocks! The amount of pea-sized rocks (grit) a flock will consume in a few months really is incredible. They benefit the fields with the amount of goodies they drop in their paddocks, and are another piece in our regenerative puzzle.

It is evident that they enjoy pasture life when they flap and run around, and the steady supply of fresh forage is what keeps them so juicy (not to mention healthy) on the table. We harvest them just before Thanksgiving so you can enjoy them fresh. How will you cook yours this Thanksgiving: smoked, deep fried, baked, roasted, spatchcocked, or parted out?

How to Order

Please email or call Cory at 360-672-4645.


We also enjoy showing people the land and animals, so please ask about scheduling a tour!

1570 Wieldraayer Road

Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Tel: 360-672-4645

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