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About Us

What we stand for:

Family operated since 1950

        We are a family farm that produces premier pastured meats, fats, and eggs the way nature intended. We provide top-quality food to our community by imitating the landscape regeneration and environmental agriculture of Polyface Farms led by Joel Salatin. We operate on the premise that you can’t have healthy meals without happy animals, so we do our best to imitate the patterns seen in nature to allow our animals to live a happy life similar to their wild relatives. Food might be cheaper at the super market but it has externalized costs to society, animals, and the environment. Thus, hopping on board the integrity food movement train, we perform proper animal husbandry by pasturing all of our animals which provides fresh air, sunshine, a balanced and biologically appropriate diet, sanitary shelter when needed, and we perform a humane and low-stress slaughter. We don't use chemicals in our pastures and our animals don't do drugs; all of our food imports are organic and locally sourced. We need your support! Vote with your food dollar; buy quality, local foods and make memories in the kitchen.



    Farm History:

         Ryan and Jane Fakkema immigrated from Holland in 1950 and were sponsored by their cousins Harry and Ann. Originally the farm was a crop farm, but Ryan became farm manager and turned it into a dairy farm. The farm grew and sold milk to Darigold under the management of Ryan and his two sons Dick and Hap. After years of hard work and fluctuating milk prices, Dick and Hap decided to sell the cows and equipment around the turn of the century. After that, the crop fields were leased to local farmers and the brothers raised a few Wagyu beef cows for family meat. In 2015, Dick's son Cory proposed they look into the environmentally friendly and economically viable farming methods of Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms. It was then that Beach View Farm began regenerative pasture techniques. We currently have a herd of Wagyu beef, Katahdin sheep, Mangalitsa and Berkshire pigs, the best egg-laying chickens in the universe, and raise turkeys and meat chickens seasonally.  








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