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Pasture Raised

100% Grass Fed Wagyu Beef

Cows are the centerpiece. Without herbivores, we wouldn't be able to perform intense grass management that restores the grassland by encouraging a perennial poly-culture. Cows are herbivores and weren't intended to eat grains; nowhere in nature will you find herbivores consuming high quantities of grain. We envision green hillsides with contented cows full of healthy perennials the way nature intended. By moving the cows to a fresh pasture daily, the ground gets plenty of rest and re-growth before the cows return enabling the building of soil and its microbiological communities. We don't till the ground or use artificial fertilizers or pesticides. In this soil-building, all-natural method of agriculture, we offset our carbon emissions and produce better land quality for our animals and the wildlife in our area. Our Wagyu beef are guaranteed to be the healthiest, most tender and delicious beef you can get. 

Pastured Broilers

Our broilers (meat chickens) get to enjoy the pasture for most of their lives. They move daily in a portable shelter to fresh ground with greens, seeds, bugs, and worms, and get supplemented with organic grains. Harvested young, they average 4-6 pounds and are the juiciest and most flavorful chickens you can imagine! We do several batches during spring, summer, and fall. The birds are raised, harvested, cleaned, and sold whole here on the farm. We encourage people to buy 5-10 at a time and freeze what they don't eat fresh. 

Pastured Pork

Pigs don't like to be penned up in barns, so we move our pigs to fresh ground often. Depending on the time of year, these happy pigs can be found in the pasture or brush rooting around for the freshest foods they can find. We also have them root through deep bedding to help us compost materials to return to the pastures, and we supplement them with organic grain from a local mill. We raise Berkshires and Mangalitsas that are typically available in spring, summer, and fall.

Pastured Turkeys

Have you ever wondered where your Thanksgiving turkey came from or how it was raised? Now you don't have to! Beach View farm offers fresh Thanksgiving turkeys raised right here on our green pastures. These birds get to express their "turkeyness" by free-ranging and consuming fresh greens, organic fruits, and local organic grains (corn and soy free). They range from 15 to 30 pounds with the average bird being 16-20 pounds. We'll have them ready for fresh, on-farm pick up a few days before Thanksgiving. 

Pastured Eggs

Our egg layers follow the cows to sanitize the pasture. When their portable coop called the Eggmobile is within a week or so behind the cows, they scratch through the cow pies in search of delicious and nutritious fly larvae. They also find bugs, worms, seeds, greens, and even rodents. All of these biologically appropriate foods coupled with organic grains allow our hens to produce the healthiest and tastiest eggs you can get. We employ a couple livestock guardian dogs to protect them from predators. 

Pastured Sheep

We raise Katahdin sheep, which are hair sheep, not wool sheep so they don't need to be sheared. They love being part of the Wagyu herd and spend nearly all their time with the cows. They have high quality meat with marbling and an exquisite fat layer that is plate-licking good!

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